Process for liaising with Casehandlers


This document explains the process we expect Caven case handlers and panel members to adopt when referring new clients. This process maximises the chances of an instruction and a positive experience for the client.

Greeting the client

Caven case handlers speak to each client in detail before referring them. This allows us to screen out any unsuitable enquiries so that we only make quality referrals to our panel. It also helps us achieve an understanding of the client’s  needs in referring them to our network. We’ll provide details on the client’s expectations so that firms on our network can make contact with the prospective client with this in mind.

Matching the Client

Case handlers select the best panel member for a client based on the client’s preferences, including:
  • the legal expertise required for the matter
  • geographic location
  • pricing structure
The Case Handler then calls that panel member and provides the client’s case and contact details, as well as an indication of the best time to call the client. This call should take no more than one minute. We will leave voicemails where the panel member is unavailable. 
We ask that you return these calls as soon as possible so that we can introduce you to the client promptly. If the case handler does not hear back from you, then the client may have to be referred elsewhere.
Once referred, we expect you to call the client in the timescale agreed with the case handler (e.g. in the morning/afternoon or tomorrow).  Usually this will be within 4 hours of the referral.
Occasionally the client will require urgent contact within an hour but we will always mention this in the referral call or email and if you are unable to meet that please just tell us so we can refer the client elsewhere; we won’t mind.
When a client explicitly requests more than one recommendation and there is a definite and substantial piece of legal work that needs doing, we will refer to more than one firm. However, this only happens occasionally and you’re welcome to opt-out of receiving leads where multiple panel members have been approached.
In the extremely rare circumstance we introduce a past client and you do not wish to accept the referral, please let the case handler know immediately.

Post-match email

As soon as the client is referred, our case management system will send you an email with a reminder of the client’s contact details.  It also emails the client letting them know you will be calling.
As soon as the client has been called, you should reply to the case handler’s email or post a comment via the weblink, so that the case handler is updated. Even if you’re only able to leave a voicemail, then you should post this as an update.
The update need be no more than one sentence, e.g.
‘Spoke to Mrs Smith and she is coming in for a paid initial meeting with me on 17/1.’
‘I spoke to David and confirmed that my colleague Chris Stewart would be best placed to advise him. Chris will call him tomorrow.’
‘Client’s requirements are too specific and we are unable to act for them.’
In all instances, once the Case Handler has received the update they will follow-up with the client and get their feedback. Usually it is positive and it is just a matter of reassuring them that you’re best suited for their case, so that the instruction follows. If you can’t help a client, then we will look to re-match them to another panel member if appropriate.
If you have only been able to leave a voicemail, then the case handler will call the client, check they received it (it’s amazing how many people don’t listen to voicemails!) and encourage them to call you back.
If you need to pass the case to another colleague, do let us know and the Case Handler will reflect this in our database, to ensure that future interactions will be with your colleague, not you.


Once you have been instructed to act, you should update the caselist provided.


If you are having any issues with the client during the case, feel free to ask the Case Handler to contact the client and provide assistance if required. Remember, we work hard for the client AND you and will be only too glad to help you in any way we can!
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