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If you are involved in a contractual dispute you should contact a specific contract lawyer. Scotland has many solicitors’ firms across the country which would be able to help you resolve your matter, and Caven can match you to the right one for your issue.

It is important to know that Scottish contract law is slightly different from English law, which highlights the need to seek advice from a local contract lawyer. Scotland has its own rules on how contracts are formed and terminated. For example, there is no requirement of ‘consideration’ for a contract to be formed. This is different from the position in English contractual law where some form of consideration (often money) has to be present in order to form a contract.

Whether you are bringing or defending a contractual claim, you should instruct a contract lawyer. Scotland has civil courts which can be used to settle contractual disputes. You are likely to have a ‘Sheriff Court’ in your district. This is the ‘local’ court that deals with a variety of different matters including contractual disputes. In this court there are different civil procedures that apply to different types of claims, such as the fact that ‘small claims’ are handled in a different manner to ‘ordinary cases’. A solicitor will be able to advise you on the relevant procedure.

In terms of hierarchy, Sheriff Courts are below the ‘Court of Session’ which is the supreme civil court of Scotland. If your contractual claim is for a high monetary value, and, or involves complex legal principles, it is likely to be heard in this court. Again, a contract lawyer will be able to advise you on this.

If you would like to obtain legal advice and information on the law in relation to contracts, Caven can put you in touch with a local specialist contract lawyer free of charge. So, if you have any questions or would like our help in finding local contract lawyers please call us on 08001 221 2299 or complete the web form above. 

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