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Working abroad and using emigration solicitors


Some of the most complicated rules regarding immigration are related to permission to work in a different country. Each country has a different system of rules and regulations in place, and attempting to legally work in a foreign country can be challenging at the very least.

Often there are several different schemes which allow workers from specific industries to work (usually to fill a local shortage), and other schemes to allow extraordinary individuals (such as highly regarded scientists or members of academia) to relocate. The majority of people however, usually need to go through much more specific channels. It is common for emigration solicitors to help with these applications.

Many international companies based in Britain which seek to transfer employees to another part of the world consult emigration solicitors when doing so. A professional’s advice allows the company to have confidence that the legal requirements for having their employee working in another country will be fulfilled.

If you are seeking advice about working abroad emigration solicitors can provide you with useful information. It is important that when you search for a solicitor you ensure that the solicitor has knowledge of the legal requirements in the specific country you intend to relocate to. Since each country has different rules and schemes for immigration, it is common for emigration solicitors to only have specialist knowedge about one or two countries. If you are being transferred to another country by your employer it is common for the employer to seek legal advice. However, if you are attempting to move to a new country and work for a new employer, the responsibility for the immigration procedures usually depend on the agreement between you and your new employer.

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