Why use lawyers in unfair dismissal cases?


The role of employment solicitors is many-fold. In cases involving unfair dismissal, lawyers who specialise in employment can help you to gather evidence, complete the relevant forms and negotiate a settlement. If you cannot come to an agreement on a settlement, then your solicitor will also represent you at tribunal level.

If you are an employee and think you have a case for unfair dismissal, lawyers can help by making contact with your employer. Your lawyer will usually send the employer a questionnaire about working practices which attempts to find out whether the dismissal was unfair. The questionnaire will focus on why the employee thinks there was an unfair dismissal; lawyers for the claimant will also ask how the employer treated other employees and focus on the difference in treatment between other employees and the claimant.

If you are an employer and an employee is bringing a case for unfair dismissal, lawyers can help you by working out if the reason for the dismissal was fair and if the way the dismissal was carried out was fair. If there was no unfair dismissal, lawyers will probably advise that you attend the employment tribunal where they will represent you. If there could have been an unfair dismissal, lawyers may advise employers to attempt to settle the case by offering a sum of money to the employee. It is sometimes the worthwhile settling a case even when there is a good chance of success, partly because of the time it will take for the employer and their legal team to properly prepare the case.

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