When to use a patent solicitor


Patent solicitors deal with intellectual property rights - in particular patent rights. There are a number of different types of intellectual property rights including copyright, trademarks and designs and patents. Patents are the type of intellectual property right that protect inventions. A patent can be applied for by an individual or a business, although it is always advisable to instruct a solicitor who can assist you with the application. Failure to instruct a specialist patent solicitor may mean that you make the incorrect application and leave your product open to exploitation.

A patent solicitor will be able to help by searching the database of patents and ensuring that someone doesn’t already own the protection you are seeking. If someone does already have the patent then your solicitor will be able to advise you on whether you are able to re-word the abstract written about you product to differentiate your product.

If granted, your patent will give you the right to prevent others from copying, selling, importing or manufacturing your invention without your permission. If someone does act in contravention of your patent then the patent gives you the right to take legal action against them in order to both prevent them exploiting your invention in the future and to obtain damages in respect of the loss suffered. Your patent solicitor will be able to help with this. Failure to obtain a patent means that other people can use your product and even protect it themselves.

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