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Wills - what’s mine will be yours...


By Cassandra Anane

Wills are a very important and influential document. It’s one of the best ways of ensuring that when you pass away, your family, friends and chosen organisations all receive exactly what you wish them too. Wills aren’t legal requirements; however should you die intestate (without a will) then depending on your current place of residence, all of your estate could be passed to the Crown for them to divide as they see fit.

There are two main types of will which a solicitor can draft to ensure that upon your death your wishes are met:

  • Single Will: This is a simple will whereby you will clearly state exactly who your beneficiaries are (your loved ones and charities) and exactly what you would like them to receive upon your death
  • Mirror/Mutual Will: This is where your partner and yourself will have identical wills stating that each of you will leave your estate to the other upon your death

Having a will drawn up will somewhat allow you to go against particular legislation. For example, if you are cohabiting with your partner, or you are in a civil relationship, having a will allows you to provide for that person where the law wouldn’t.

In addition if you're divorced, a will allows you to decide whether or not to leave anything to your former partner.  However, one of the biggest reasons why many people opt for wills is the fact that it ensures that you aren’t liable to pay more Inheritance Tax than necessary.

When deciding on whether you are in the right position to draft a will, you should consider the following three things:

  • The value of the estate you would like to include
  • Who the beneficiaries will be
  • Who the executors (the person in charge of administering the estate after your death) will be

Wills can often be complex documents with a lot of legal formalities that need to be fulfilled for it to be valid. It’s always advisable to use a solicitor to draft a will and here at Caven we are able to recommend a specialist to meet your specific requirements, particularly with regards to difficult matters such as Inheritance Tax.

Many of Caven’s solicitors will be able to visit you in your home to draft or amend and store your will. We have solicitors and will writers whose costs will vary depending on the nature of your affairs.

When you have decided it’s the right time to draft a will do get in touch with Caven, as we will be happy to walk you through the steps.

Cassandra Anane is one of Caven’s most experienced and knowledgeable telephone advisors.

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