What Is Your Personal Injury Claim Worth?


If you wish to bring a claim for personal injury to court, the value of the claim will affect the court that the claim is heard in. The county court has the jurisdiction to hear all personal injury claims, however, a personal injury claim worth more than £50,000 can be heard in the High Court. The value of the claim is only a rule of thumb though; a personal injury claim worth less than £50,000 that is particularly complex can also be heard in the High Court. Further to this, a claim of any value that is of public importance can be heard in the High Court. Your personal injury solicitor will decide where the case should be heard and issue proceedings in the relevant court.

Starting a claim in the High Court that is then transferred to the county court can be costly: it is therefore advisable that a personal injury claim worth less than £50,000 is always started in the county court. A request can be made at a later date to have the case transferred to the High Court if this is necessary.

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