No-win, no-fee litigation: what is it?

No-win, no-fee litigation can involve almost any type of civil litigation claim. No-win, no-fee litigation solicitors will help you to prepare your claim by instructing relevant experts and liaising with the other side.

No-win, no-fee arrangements are most commonly used in personal injury claims, although they are by no means limited to these types of claim.

How does it work?

No-win, no-fee litigation is now undertaken by numerous types of firms of solicitors. If you are entering a no-win, no-fee agreement for personal injury law, then the solicitor you instruct will need to provide you with a conditional-fee agreement.

You must carefully read the agreement so you are aware of the financial arrangement you are entering into.

The arrangement will mean that you will not pay your solicitor’s fees if you lose the case, but will need to pay a percentage uplift on your solicitor’s usual fee if you win your case.

The percentage increase on the fee will be decided by the solicitor and will be detailed in the agreement that you sign at the beginning of the case. The percentage will be decided as a result of a risk assessment considering the complexity of the case and the likelihood of winning your case.

No-win, no-fee litigation has important conditions. Your solicitor will advise you at your first meeting that:

  • You will not need to pay your solicitor’s fees if you lose the case
  • You may still need to pay money for reports obtained
  • You may still need to pay for an insurance policy to cover the other side’s costs in the event of loss

There are many details to be aware of – use Caven to speak to a solicitor who can advise on your situation.

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