What is a divorce form?


A divorce form is a form that relates to the process of terminating a marriage. The divorce process itself is largely procedural and one which requires an individual to supply the divorce court with various informational documents within a specific time frame set by the court or that divorce law dictates.

If you are thinking about ending your marriage but are unsure where to start, then it is advised that you gain some advice from a specialist divorce solicitor. Obtaining the services of a solicitor will ensure that no time is wasted in getting a divorce and that the court receives all the correct information without delay. This in turn could save you time and money.

There are many divorce forms, but the whole divorce process is initiated when one spouse files the divorce form known as a ‘petition’. Divorce applications can only be made after one year of marriage and this is a statutory requirement that can be found in the Marital Causes Act 1973. Within the petition form an applicant must state that their marriage has irretrievably broken down. A court will only grant a divorce once an applicant has proven, by way of evidence, that their marriage has broken down. An applicant has the choice of using one of five ‘facts’ to shown marital breakdown and these are: 

  • The other spouse has committed adultery
  • The other spouse has behaved intolerably
  • Desertion of two years by the other spouse
  • The parties have been separated for two continuous years and the other spouse consents to divorce
  • The parties have been separated for five continuous years

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