What do media and entertainment solicitors specialise in?


Media and entertainment solicitors provide legal advice across a broad range of topics. As the name suggests, they tend to focus on providing legal advice to those working in the entertainment industry. This includes actors and actresses, film and television directors, music artists, sportsmen or women etc. The type of legal advice that entertainment solicitors provide depends on the matter. Below is a brief summary of some of the areas entertainment solicitors provide advice on.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property aims to protect those who create original pieces of work, names, designs, etc. It becomes relevant when an idea takes some sort of tangible form. An example of this is when a musical song is recorded and produced. Media and entertainment solicitors can help you protect and enforce your intellectual property rights. A number of these rights are relevant to the entertainment (in particular the film and music) industry. For example, copyright protection applies to both song and film. Entertainment solicitors could help you sue those who infringe your copyright.

There are also other intellectual property rights which may become relevant to those working in the entertainment industry. These include trademarks, passing off, design rights, patents and entrepreneurial rights.

Contract law

Entertainment solicitors also get heavily involved in contract drafting and disputes. For example, consider a football player. Their employment contract will have to be negotiated with their football club and drafted. Media and entertainment solicitors can help with this. They can also assist with any disputes or issues that arise out of the contract.

There are many areas of law in which media and entertainment solicitors need to be proficient. Caven can help you find a solicitor practising in a specific area that suits your needs.

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