What are the advantages of attending mediation if I want a divorce?


Divorce can be a messy and expensive affair, with the average cost of a typical divorce estimated at anywhere between £13,000 and £20,000 and going anywhere upwards from there.
In fact, divorce is so expensive that in April 2011 the government introduced changes to the Family Proceedings Rules that mean that most couples looking to go to court for a divorce must now attend at least one session of mediation.
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Cost advantages

The government and industry experts see mediation as a superior alternative to the courts for many divorce cases. The main advantage of mediation lies in the costs, which can be typically less than half the amount it would cost to take a typical divorce to court.
Mediation is cheaper than court for divorce cases because the set up of mediation is less formal, there are fewer people involved and the time to take a case to mediation is much shorter than the equivalent time for a full court hearing.
In addition to the huge cost benefit, mediation is also much quicker. This is because the mediation process is designed to achieve a mutually agreeable outcome for both parties, whereas a court case is adversarial, and is designed so that each party goes all out to gain everything for themselves.

Less stress

The nature of mediation is beneficial not just for the time it saves, but also because it is inherently less stressful. Divorce is a time of high stress for all involved, and mediation is frequently praised for taking a lot of heat out of the situation; allowing both parties to state their case in a non-confrontational environment.
There is no doubt that mediation is not for everyone. It is a voluntary process, and the rules on divorce still allow a full court hearing if either party decides at any stage that mediation is not for them.
The end result of successful mediation is an agreement that has been reached with input and approval from both parties. However this is not legally binding, and will still require court approval (although this will be much quicker and cheaper than a full court hearing). As a result, parties to mediation usually retain their solicitors to represent them in any subsequent court hearings.
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