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By Curtis Brown

Hacking into mobile phones and bank accounts was considered the height of breaching personal information, but protecting privacy and reputations is getting more and more complicated with the advancement of technology.

Social networking sites, such as Linkedin, Myspace and Flixster, provide a minefield of legal traps for users and those who are mocked on them. And even new-generation games consoles can haemorrhage personal information to fraudsters and the public. The compulsion to keep in touch has also driven the super rich and famous to blend with the ‘common people’ using the same platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Users of such platforms have become a steady source of inquiries to Caven, as many of the ‘chats’ and ‘leaks’ have had harmful consequences where financial compensation or litigious action could be warranted, according to a specialist solicitor.

The two areas of law that protect your rights here are defamation and civil litigation, or commercial litigation for small and large businesses.

A litigation solicitor can argue cases worth £5,000 or more, and demand a lower hourly rate than most libel or slander solicitors, who protect reputations.  A litigator will also be able to deal with the mishandling of data.

Our network of experts receives all types of legal questions and tackles many organisations and wealthy individuals to secure data and reputations. However, as the vast majority of civil cases are privately funded without the use of no-win, no-fee, some claimants will need to check their ability to pay costs should they lose and the other party’s ability to pay any damages awarded if successful.

Defamation and privacy laws have long been a tool used by wealthier parties; however, technology is opening up more ‘common people’ to the same trappings. But there are ways to help, such as by working with the Information Commissioner and dealing with the other side in the first instance, before instructing a specialist solicitor.

If you are unsure of your rights or need further advice, Caven can put you in touch with a specialist solicitor. Please call 08001 221 2299 or fill out the web-form opposite.

Curtis Brown is one of Caven’s most experienced and knowledgeable telephone advisors.

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