Using solicitors for confidentiality related legal issues


Confidentiality and privacy issues are gaining increasing attention in recent times, particularly with the development of new technologies and their impact upon confidentiality. It is only in certain contexts that the law protects confidentiality; solicitors can help you to understand the laws that apply to the confidentiality issue that you are concerned with.

Different aspects of the law in relation to confidentiality are dealt with by different types of solicitors. Confidentiality in relation to the use of personal information is regulated by the Data Protection Act 1998 which requires businesses and public bodies to pay attention to issues of confidentiality. Solicitors that advise on the Data Protection Act 1998 will usually be company and commercial solicitors. If you have an issue with how you think a business is dealing with issues of confidentiality, solicitors can help you to negotitate with the business and, if necessary, commence legal action. You may, for example, think that a business is misusing your confidential information or not letting you access information about you where you have made a request for that information.

Confidentiality is also regulated in relation to your dealings with professionals such as doctors and solicitors. Confidentiality is a requirement under the Solicitors Code of Conduct and a breach of this rule can result in serious action being taken against the solicitors by the Solicitors Regulation Authority or the Law Society. Other professional bodies regulate breach of confidentiality issues concerning their members.

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