Understanding website domain privacy


When you register a new domain name, your basic contact details are entered onto the register of domain names. This is done to prevent domain-name clashes. In some cases domains are bought in bulk by companies that later sell these on.

A private domain is usually defined as a registered domain where the owner’s contact information has been changed to give them a level of anonymity. The details of the domain on the register can in some cases be replaced with email-forwarding details, or an additional domain that simply gives the basic details of the company that holds the private domain.

If you are looking to create a completely private domain, the domain registration service you use can be very important indeed. Many registration services purport to hold registration details privately, but in reality they often release these details with a simple request. Also, because of national security concerns, some countries do not allow some domains (such as .us) to be a private domain.

Domain registration companies may advertise that they can register a private domain, but as there is no general and international agreement on how this information should be protected, you should look carefully at any domain registration company that states this.

In some cases, if your domain registration company has stated that your private domain cannot be accessed, and it is then compromised by identity thieves, for instance, you may be able to take your registration company to court. In these cases the guidance of a qualified solicitor is vitally important. As you have to prove negligence on the part of the domain registration company, the support of a solicitor is invaluable.

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