Understanding medical accidents


In most circumstances the medical procedures or treatments you will receive from healthcare professionals will be of a high standard. However, sometimes a medical accident will occur. In these circumstances you are entitled to at least an explanation of what went wrong, and you may also be able to claim compensation. A medical accident is defined as an event where you have been caused harm - either physical or psychological - when under medical care.

As there are different types of medical accidents there is a correspondingly wide range of injuries. You will have to decide how to proceed after the medical accident has taken place. In many minor medical accident cases a simply apology from the healthcare professional or their employer is enough. If this is the case you should use the NHS Complaints Procedure to make your formal complaint about your accident.

If your injury is more serious, you can look into the possibility of bringing a formal lawsuit against the healthcare professional, their employer or both for compensation. It is important to speak with a solicitor that has expert knowledge of clinical negligence claims. They will give you their opinion of the possible success of your claim and whether you will get enough compensation for yourself, and also enough to pay your legal costs.

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