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Understanding landlord liability

English law has developed a system of automatically establishing liability for specific incidents. Landlord liability refers to the legal liability a landlord has for any injuries to the tenant which are caused by the state of the premises.

Who maintains the property?

In residential leases a landlord is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the premises. Faulty premises can result in serious physical injuries, and any injury that the tenant suffers as a result of the landlord’s lack of maintenance is deemed to be the responsibility of the landlord.

Can I protect myself with insurance?

Landlords are able to purchase landlord liability insurance in order to minimise the financial exposure related to this liability.

For example, if a tenant attempts to plug in an electrical appliance and is electrocuted because of faulty wiring, the landlord is likely to be liable for the injury. At this point the landlord-liability insurance will be triggered and the tenant should receive compensation from the insurance company.

If you are currently in a legal dispute regarding landlord liability you are advised to seek the services of a solicitor.

Different legal specialists will be qualified to help you depending on the nature of your dispute. A personal injury specialist should be consulted if the dispute is regarding a physical injury, a property solicitor could help you if the dispute is regarding the property itself, and advice from an insurance specialist should be sought if the matter involves a dispute between you and the insurance company.

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