UK medical law


Healthcare workers and their patients are protected by a group of laws that ensure that if clinical negligence or malpractice takes place, medical law gives all parties in the dispute the right to have their case heard. Medical law when related to the patient gives them the right to expect to be treated professionally at all times. All healthcare professionals have a code of conduct that states they should always work to recognised clinical standards.

Medical law is most often used when a patient believes they have not been treated to the recognised medical standards. Also, medical law is increasingly being asked to look at cases about the privacy of a patient, and how information is collected, stored and distributed about their case and medical condition.

One of the main growth areas of medical law is the increasing number of clinical negligence and malpractice lawsuits that are being bought against medical professionals. These lawsuits range from misdiagnosis to pregnancy due to failed sterilisation procedures.

Medical law is unique in many ways in that it contains elements of both civil and criminal law. For example a doctor that does not ask your permission before performing a medical procedure could be charged with assault as well as medical negligence.

The medical law in the UK is also often asked to make ethical decision such as when to switch off the life support machine of a patient, or when medical treatment is forced upon a patient who may not be able to make rational decisions for themselves because of a mental illness. Medical law is complex and multi-faceted. If you intend to bring any kind of lawsuit against a medical professional it is vital that you take advice from a solicitor that has experience in this area.

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