Trade practices law


Trade practices law is designed to prevent unfair trade practices and protect consumers and businesses. The law on this subject comes from various different sources. For example, Parliament enacts laws on unfair trading and competition between businesses. Unfair trading practices law is also derived from EU law. If the unfair trading practice affects more than one EU member state, EU law will become applicable.

UK trade practices law aims to mirror and implement EU law. UK regulations can be brought in to do this. For example, recently the Consumer Protection for Unfair Trading Regulations (referred to as the Regulations) was brought in to implement an EU directive. The Regulations apply to business and consumer transactions and impose a general duty not to trade unfairly. The Regulations ban all forms of unfair advertising, marketing and other unfair trading practices used by businesses to attract consumers.

Another example of a trade practices law designed to protect consumers from unfair trade practices is the rules that apply to online selling. When traders sell to consumers online they must follow a range of regulations. For example, they must adhere to data protection and confidentiality law.

Other safeguards are imposed to prevent those who trade unfairly online. For example, under the Distance Selling Regulations consumers have a ‘right to cancel’ goods after purchasing them online.

Trade practices law is a complex area which often overlaps with other areas of law. You should seek the advice of a specialist to assist with all legal disputes.

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