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Trade lawyers are UK qualified solicitors who specialise in international trade matters. The main need for such specialisation comes from international trade agreements which affect commerce between nations.

Trade lawyers are likely to have a sub-specialty, such as international finance or energy law. This is because different trade agreements affect different industries in different ways. The result is that the knowledge-base required for specific industries varies greatly. For example, the energy industry commonly brings up issues relating to trade with energy-producing countries, such as Russia and Middle Eastern Countries. UK companies therefore have to comply with the trade agreements that are in force between those countries. The fruit industry on the other hand, is likely to deal with a completely different set of trade agreements.

If you are planning to enter into a contract which has an international trade aspect to it, trade lawyers can be of great help. This is because specialist trade lawyers are able to inform you of any implied terms of the contract which you may not be aware of. Dealing with international trade is commonly accompanied by industry-specific complications and legal issues which lawyers will know to anticipate and prepare for. If you are currently in a dispute which is a result of such a contract, it would be advisable for you to consult industry-specific trade lawyers, as each industry has different standard methods of dispute resolution.  

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