Trade and intellectual property


Trade, IP (intellectual property) and other commercial related legal problems should be referred to a commercial lawyer. Legal issues that arise in trade could relate to breach of contract claims; for example, consumers or businesses who have received goods or services complaining about the quality of those goods or services provided by the trader.

IP disputes can involve a range of different disputes. IP is an area of law that aims to protect intangible assets (for example, names or ideas) which have a tangible value. A number of IP rights exist, for example: 

  • Copyright protection (covers literary, artistic, musical and other types of work)
  • Trademark (normally relates to protecting names and logos, e.g. the Coca Cola brand name)
  • Design right (covers the designs of products)
  • Passing off (covers cases where people try to ‘pass off’ their products as someone else’s)

It is normal for trade, ip and other types of legal disputes and claims to overlap each other. For example, you may have a trade dispute with a buyer of your goods if they have not paid you for the goods you supplied to them. You may also have an IP-related dispute with them if for example they passed off the goods you sold to them as their own.

Trade, ip and other legal claims can be brought concurrently (at the same time in the same court). A commercial lawyer can advise you on bringing (or defending) a concurrent civil claim.  

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