Understanding Tier 2


Tier 2 applicants come under four categories: Skilled Worker, Intra-Company Transfer Worker, Minister of Religion and Sports Person. The idea behind Tier 2 is that the applicant fills a job in the UK labour market. Each applicant must have a UK-based sponsor who is licensed by the Home Office. Limited Leave is initially granted for three years which may then be extended for a further two years after which an application for settlement in the UK can be made.

The Skilled Worker must have a job offer in the UK before making the application and the offer must be from a UK-based employer with a certificate of sponsorship issued by the Home Office. The skill level must be above NVQ Level 3. In addition the applicant must score points for ability to speak English, ability to fund their stay in the UK and Attributes. The Skilled Worker, for example, will earn points for attributes from qualifications, prospective earnings and sponsorship.

An application under Tier 2 can cost up to £265 at the time of writing, with fees frequently changing. Failure to properly complete the application can result in the application being refused by the Home Office which will mean that you need to resubmit the application with a new fee. Using an Immigration Solicitor will mean that the form is properly completed and will reduce the chance of your application being refused by the Home Office.

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