The possibility of an easy divorce


Is an easy divorce a myth? Easy divorces do exist, but with strings attached. In order to make divorce easy, a couple must agree on every issue related to their divorce. This means agreeing on the divorce itself, the grounds for divorce, where any children of the marriage should live and contact levels, and how any marital property and assets should be distributed. This kind of divorce is known as an uncontested divorce, where one or more issues regarding divorce are agreed. The more issues that are agreed upon the more straightforward and easier the divorce will be for both parties. An uncontested divorce is the preferred situation as it often saves time and money by avoiding costly court litigation.

The simple fact of life is that many couples find it hard to agree on the issues relating to their divorce. This is where a having a specialist divorce solicitor can be a huge advantage. Many individuals get tempted by online divorce kits that advertise low-cost, easy and fast divorces, but if you and your partner cannot agree on the details of the divorce – such as where your children should live and how to divide your personal assets - an online divorce can be of little help. These issues are important and should be left in the hands of an experienced solicitor who will be able to manage your case and provide you with legal options to put you in the best position possible.

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