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The law regarding landlords


Landlords’ law is the complex legal framework which encompasses the rules and regulations applicable to landlords. The framework has been defined through a combination of statutes and past legal decisions (case law).

Landlords’ law is very wide in application, and it is relevant to landlords in both long term and short-term leases, in residential and commercial settings. The number of regulations and obligations which are defined by law varies depending on the type of lease. Perhaps the most heavily regulated aspect is the short-term residential tenancy. This type of tenancy requires the highest level of participation from the landlord, as it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure the property is safe, habitable and compliant with safety regulations (e.g. annual gas-safety checks). Because of this many landlords opt to hire professional management companies to take over the everyday running of the property for a fee.

In contrast, the least legally obliged landlord is probably a landlord in a long-term commercial lease. The reason for this is that, save for a few exceptions, parties to commercial leases are free to agree on any terms they see fit, and the courts are unlikely to find any such terms unenforceable in law.

If you are involved in a dispute and you believe that you could benefit from a specific aspect of landlords’ law, you are advised to see a specialist solicitor to discuss your case. Obtaining a professional’s opinion will allow you to have a realistic understanding of the strength of your argument, the procedures associated with the law and the different possible resolutions. 

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