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If you have been involved in an road accident or any other motoring incident, you may need advice from one of the many solicitors specialising in road law now established in the United Kingdom. Both case law and statute regarding road law is extremely intricate, and as such it is important that you obtain expert legal advice.

Litigation surrounding road law follows the same procedure at court as any other type of criminal offence. Some of the more common offences include speeding, drink driving, driving without insurance, mobile phone use and driving without insurance. However, there are many other offences linked to road law, each of which carry varying degrees of punishment, varying from penalty points and a fine to a ban and, in some more serious cases, a prison sentence.

Solicitors who are specialists in road law must have expert knowledge of the myriad legislation which applies. Examples include the Road Traffic Offenders Act and the Road Safety Act. The work involved may involve checking over documents to ensure that they are procedurally correct, drafting a mitigation letter to the courts outlining reasons to be taken into account before sentencing or to present the case on your behalf.  For this reason, legal professionals involved in road law must have a clear understanding of not only the relevant law, but also of the procedural aspects of the courts, and the detailed issues which may arise at each of the stages. These could include bail, evidential issues sentencing and appeals to name but a few examples. Speaking to a specialist is essential.

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