The importance of media lawyers for the television industry


The role of television in the everyday life of Britons has changed dramatically in the past 50 years, with developments in technology, the increase in the amount of available channels, home shopping networks, advertising, satellite and cable all contributing to the change.

The vast majority of funds which allow this industry to flourish comes from advertising, and the price per ad is largely determined by the ratings the show has. However in order for a show to be financially successful it must also be cost-effective (i.e. it should bring in more money than it cost the network to put the show on television). Lawyers are a vital part of securing this productivity. For example, lawyers ensured higher ratings (and by extension, higher profitability) for Channel 4’s broadcast of The Daily Show by stopping the availability of the show’s videos through the show’s website to UK audiences. This forced UK viewers to either watch the show on the Channel 4 website (where advertisements appear) or on television. Lawyers were able to achieve this through the deal between Channel 4 and the American company that owns the rights, which included a term guaranteeing that UK users will be blocked from accessing the videos online.

If you have a legal dispute and you work in television, lawyers who specialise in this industry are likely to be able to help you, whether your dispute relates to employment, copyright or any other area of law.

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