Process for updating Caselists


Once you have started receiving referrals from Caven you will receive a Caselist. This will be sent at the start of each month, or the end of each quarter (depending on your agreement) via an email containing a hyperlink to your Caselist. The Caselist will contain the details of all ongoing referrals assigned to your firm.

The importance of the Caselist

The Caselist is essential to our relationship as it helps both your firm and Caven for a number of reasons:
  • To keep track of the number of leads Caven has referred
  • Confirmation from you that the referral has converted into an instruction
  • It enables any billable work generated by a client to be reported
  • To help calculate ROI and show the subscription is returning in fees

How to complete the caselist

  • Internal Client/Case Reference Number: Your internal reference or client number. Although this is an optional field, it is highly recommended that you use it as it can assist you in identifying a file quickly and easily when completing the Caselist
  • Client Name: The name the client has provided to Caven
  • Business Name: This is an optional file in the event that you represent a client as a business name rather than an individual
  • Date: This is the date the client was referred to your firm
  • Client Phone Number: the number provided by the customer to contact them
  • Solicitor/Fee Earner: The name of the solicitor dealing with the matter
  • Area of Law: the area of law the client said they require
  • Status of Referral: A drop down list for you to select the most appropriate status/stage of the case
  • Previously Reported Invoiced Costs before VAT: the value of fees (excluding VAT and disbursements) that has previously been reported to Caven
  • Unreported Invoiced Costs before VAT: The field for you to enter the fees that have been billed to the client for the curent month/quarter in question
  • Additional Comments (Optional): This is for you to provide any additional information as to the status or stage of the case - e.g. “matter proceeding on a CFA” or “Quoted the client, waiting to hear back”
  • Approved Box: This is a confirmation that the information provided is accurate – this must be clicked before the Caselist can be considered complete

Different Caselist statuses and what they mean

  • Contact made – awaiting instruction: solicitor has spoken to client and client may instruct solicitor at a later date
  • Contact made – not proceeding: solicitor has spoken to client and client confirmed they will not be using solicitor
  • Paid meeting – awaiting instruction: solicitor had paid meeting and client may instruct solicitor at a later date
  • Paid meeting – Case Closed: solicitor had paid meeting with client. Client has subsequently confirmed they will not be using solicitor for further advice
  • Instruction – ongoing: solicitor has been instructed to act by the client and matter is ongoing
  • Instruction – case closed: solicitor has been instructed to act by client and matter is now completed
  • CFA/NWNF – taken instructions: solicitor has been instructed, a Conditional/Contingency Fee Agreement has been signed and the matter is ongoing
  • CFA/NWNF – completed: solicitor has been instructed, a Conditional/Contingency Fee Agreement has been signed and the matter is now complete
  • Have never spoken to this client: solicitor doesn’t recall being referred, or speaking to, this client

How to complete the Caselist

Please follow the below steps in order to update each client in the Caselist:
  • If a file has been opened for the client, enter your internal reference number for ease of reference. Otherwise leave blank until a file is opened
  • If you are representing the client under a business name then enter these details
  • Select the “Status of Referral (1)” from the drop down list provided that most accurately reflects the status of the case
  • Enter the most recent billing in “Unreported Invoiced Costs before VAT (2)” for the month in question or what you have billed the client in addition to the figure in the “Previously Reported Invoiced Costs before VAT”
  • Enter any “Additional comments (3)”
  • Check the “Tick to Approve the Update (4)” box for the relevant client where a small tick will appear
Once these steps have been followed for each client then click the “Submit” button to return your updates to Caven.
The Caselist is to be completed by the 14th of each month and a confirmation email will be sent to the nominated contact confirming that your Caselist has been completed.


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