The compensation process for an arm injury


If you have sustained an arm injury, and the manner in which you sustained it wasn’t your fault, then you could be entitled to personal-injury compensation. Arm injuries can, for example, be sustained at home or at work, and depending on the severity of the injury you could be eligible for compensation of up to several thousands of pounds.
The injuries can range from soft tissue injuries such as bruises and sprains to more serious injuries involving multiple fractures and crushing. Obviously the more severe the injury the greater the amount of compensation to which you will be entitled. For example, a serious arm injury which can take many months or years to heal and leaving a possibility of permanently reduced movement and sensitivity will be valued at the higher end of the damages scale.

As with any personal-injury claim, arm injuries are governed by the law of tort: that all cases require a duty of care, a breach of that duty of care, causation and damage resulting in loss for the claimant. Duties of care are established by common law principles and in some cases by statute. For example, employers have a duty towards their employees to ensure that they work in a safe environment. As a result, if an employee is injured as a result of the employer’s failure to maintain a safe working environment, e.g. not providing sufficient training, then they are in breach of their duty, causing the damage to the employee.

If you have suffered an arm injury as a result of a breach of duty then you must ensure you contact a solicitor within three years of the accident (or knowledge of the injury). This is known as the limitation period. If you do not comply with this time limit you will almost certainly lose your right to bring a claim. Let Caven find you the right personal-injury solicitor, and decide whether or not you have a case.

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