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Anyone that is not a British national must comply with all of the current immigration laws. The legislation you must be aware of when entering the UK to work, study or live include:

  • UK Borders Act 2007
  • The Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009
  • The Immigration (Form and Manner of Passenger Information) Directive 2008

You must have the right to enter the UK and be able to produce the correct documentation on request. If you find that you are accused of entering the UK illegally, hiring the best immigration lawyers you can afford is essential as they can represent you at your court hearing. The UK now has a Border and Immigration Agency (BIA) that handles all immigration documentation for employers that use migrant workers on a regular basis.

If you do employ overseas workers it is vitally important that you do so in accordance with the current regulations. Any failure to do so could mean a fine of up to £10,000 for each illegal worker you employ. If you are found to be employing foreign workers you know are not in the UK legally, you could face an unlimited fine and a prison sentence.

Whether you employ overseas workers, or are entering the UK to study, for instance, the best immigration lawyers you can use are those that have a detailed understanding of the new agencies and laws. Always use the best immigration lawyers you can afford, as their skills will ensure your case is given a fair hearing.

The rules about studying in the UK have also been recently tightened to combat the rise of false applications to UK colleges and universities. All international students must be sponsored, but the university that sponsors them must register with the UK Border Agency. If you have been refused entry into the UK to study, immigration lawyers will be able to advise you about your particular case, and represent you at any hearing that takes place to decide whether you can stay in the UK.

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