Tenant's rights


A tenant's rights are all the benefits one party (the lessee) can expect to gain from entering into a rental agreement for accommodation. The tenant’s rights usually arise from two sources; the specific terms of the agreement signed by the tenant and the rights found in law which apply to all tenants.

Different types of tenancies offer different sets of tenant’s rights in law. The least protected might be the long term commercial tenant, which benefits from the right to use the property but is charged with keeping it well maintained. In contrast the short-term residential tenant has many rights. The residential-tenant’s rights include a right to a well maintained property and a right to a safe property. This means that any maintenance work that must be done, along with any safety work such as annual gas inspections, are the sole responsibility of the landlord. Most importantly a tenant has the right to live in the property undisturbed and to not be evicted. The tenant keeps these rights by continuing to pay rent.

If you believe your tenant’s rights have not been adhered to, you may wish to bring a claim against the offending party (usually your landlord). Bringing a legal action can be expensive and time-consuming. It is therefore probably better if you consult a specialist solicitor before bringing a claim. A professional’s advice can help ensure that your claim is well founded in law, and that the courts will be able to find in your favour.

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