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A telecoms lawyer is a legal professional (either a solicitor or a barrister) that specialises in the company & commercial law and media law which specifically relates to telecommunications. The advances in technology in recent years have created an entire industry which until recently was a government-run monopoly. This combination of privatisation and technological development has given rise to a fast-growing, big-money industry.

With privatisation and growth comes the need for regulation, and with that the legal requirements to comply. It is therefore common for a telecoms lawyer to be employed by communications companies in a role where the telecoms lawyer is charged with ensuring the company is in full regulatory compliance. The other common employer for a telecoms lawyer is an intellectual property firm. This is because many of the developments in telecommunications are relates to patented products which are licensed, and enforcement of these protections are crucial to these companies’ profitability.

If you are involved in the communications industry and you require advice regarding a legal matter, a telecoms lawyer will be able to help you. It is always important for lawyers in this industry to ensure that no conflict of interest exists when they take on a client; this is especially problematic in this field because many of the telecoms companies are linked through partnerships and/or licence agreements with major brands and advertising & media companies. It is therefore likely that before you can receive advice from a telecoms solicitor, they will need to ensure that there is no conflict of interest.

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