Tax law FAQs


We all dislike it, but tax does serve a purpose. Without it we'd have no NHS, pension, community infrastructure, for example.

The crucial thing is to understand it. How much should we be paying, and why? How can I make the tax laws work for me? Should I be looking for a property with the price at a certain threshold, or thinking about passing my possessions to my children to avoid inheritance tax?

If you run a business you'll want to know how much tax you can expect to pay to work out a business plan, and you might be able to structure your business to allow for tax breaks.

We have information here on:

  • Personal tax (inheritance tax, property tax etc)
  • Business tax (CGT, corporation tax etc)
  • Specific tax regarding employment (income tax, NI etc)
  • General information (expat info, the lottery etc)

For most scenarios you will find useful information here. Financial advisors will be able to give you more detailed advice, and if you think you've been paying too much, or there's a tax-based conflict between businesses, for example, we will be able to put you in touch with a solicitor.

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