Statistics on car accidents


Statistics on car accidents show a broad range of underlying contributory causes. These statistics reveal that the most frequently reported contributory factor was driver/rider error or reaction - involved in 68 per cent of all car accidents. Statistics show that following closely behind was the category of injudicious action, including travelling too fast for the conditions, following too close, and exceeding the speed limit. This was reported in 25 per cent of all accidents. Failing to look properly was another frequently reported contributory factor and was involved in 35 per cent of all car accidents. Statistics show that this was then followed by a failure to judge the other person’s path or speed (19 per cent) and being careless, reckless or in a hurry (17 per cent). Other common contributory factors include the road environment, a vehicle defect, the driver’s behaviour or inexperience, and poor vision.

Statistics on car accidents are fascinating as they reveal the interacting multiple factors that cause car accidents. This can make proving fault difficult. Fault may sometimes be very obvious, however, very often it is not possible to say that one party to a car accident was completely innocent. Contributory negligence is an important consideration, and may result in a claim for compensation for property damage or personal injury being either reduced proportionately, or lost.

If you have been involved in a car accident in which you think that the other party was at fault, but that you may also have been at fault in some respect, you should talk to an expert car accident solicitor. It may be worthwhile to hire an expert investigator to determine the true cause of the accident. You may also wish to have an expert solicitor deal with the other party and their insurance company on your behalf.

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