Solicitors in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is a historic county in northern England and based on its historic boundaries it was the largest county by area. In modern times, the administrative functions for the area have had to be broken down into smaller subdivisions such as South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. It is known for its Dales and Moors and is therefore one of the most striking and beautiful stretches of countryside in the UK. Although now divided for administrative purposes, the traditional boundary of Yorkshire is today home to nearly 4 million inhabitants. Yorkshire is home to some of Britain’s most well known towns and cities, including York, Barnsley, Bradford, Huddersfield, Middlesborough, Leeds, Doncaster and Sheffield.


Yorkshire has a diverse economy, reflecting its size and the inclusion not only of beautiful countryside but also industrious cities. Leeds is Yorkshire’s largest city and one of the UK’s big financial centres, with a history in textiles, coal and financial and insurance services. Other notable economic functions within Yorkshire include manufacturing in Sheffield, which is home to niche manufacturing from firms such as Boeing.

Court services in Yorkshire

There are several courts across the Yorkshire region. There are eight Magistrates' Courts in West Yorkshire alone with two Crown Courts, situated in Leeds and Bradford. There are some twelve courts in the South Yorkshire area.

Profile of solicitors in Yorkshire

There are an enormous number of solicitors in the Yorkshire area, reflecting its vast size and the huge number of inhabitants who live within it. The vast majority of solicitors in Yorkshire are concentrated in the cities, where you will find a huge range of legal services on offer. Solicitors in Yorkshire vary in size, from small local practices to larger regional and even national firms. Solicitors in Yorkshire offer legal advice on:

  • Conveyancing
  • Commercial litigation
  • Landlord and tenant law
  • Dispute resolution
  • Immigration
  • Personal injury and accident claims
  • Professional negligence
  • Wills, trusts and probate
  • Divorce law, family law and separations

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