Solicitors in Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire is a county in Scotland found in the west central Lowlands, bordering the city of Glasgow to its south and west. The name Renfrewshire has historic connotations, being the name for a much larger part of Scotland which is today made up of three counties, including Inverclyde and East Renfrewshire. It is home to some 170,000 people. The historic county town is Renfrew, but today the main administrative centre is actually based in Paisley. Due to its proximity to Glasgow, Renfrewshire contains many commuter towns and villages.


Like much of Scotland, the stories of great industries of the past dominate the psyche of the towns and cities. In Renfrewshire it was textiles and shipbuilding which played a major role in the economy of the area until the middle of the last century. Today, much of the economy of the region is based around Glasgow International Airport which is based in the county. Some industry remains, including blending and bottling of whiskey at the Chivas Brothers plant, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The major employer in the region today is the local government and service sectors including the local hospital and police force.

Court services in Renfrewshire

There are both Justice of the Peace and Sheriffs Courts in the administrative town of Paisley, dealing with both criminal and civil matters for the whole county.

Profile of solicitors in Renfrewshire

Solicitors in Renfrewshire are generally located in the main towns of Paisley, Renfrew and Johnstone. Given the counties small geographical area, there are relatively few solicitors in Renfrewshire based outside of the towns. Solicitors in Renfrewshire offer legal advice on a range of issues for individuals and businesses. Services offered by solicitors in Renfrewshire include:

  • Estate agency and conveyancing for residential and commercial property
  • Divorce law, family law and separations
  • Trusts, wills, probate and tax planning
  • Criminal representation
  • Commercial litigation and contract law

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