Solicitors in Reading

Reading is a large town in Berkshire. It is, in fact, the largest town in the UK. The town is home to many technology-based businesses, being part of the ‘M4 corridor’, and this technological focus means many Reading solicitor firms offer industry-specific advice. There are two legal areas technology businesses commonly find relevant. The first is commercial law, including company registration, structure, merger and takeover. Although some of this work is inevitably done by large City firms, Reading solicitor firms have been known to offer these services on smaller projects. The second legal area which relates to technology is intellectual property. Because most of the technological advances occur through research and development, a company must protect its legal right to profit from new inventions. There are therefore solicitors in Reading who specialise in intellectual property law.

As the town’s population is roughly 150,000, Reading solicitor firms are also required to provide other legal services like estate planning, family and property law. If you are currently involved in a legal dispute, it is probably best that you seek a professional’s opinion. Even if you are not planning to pursue the matter further, and have no interest in going to court, meeting with a specialist solicitor can help you understand your rights.

Finding the right Reading solicitor firm can be difficult if your case is complex or unusual. The firm should be able to represent you properly and to do so it must have the appropriate experience and relevant industry knowledge. Solicitors which are governed by the SRA (Solicitors’ Regulation Authority) are obliged not to take on work that they are unable to perform to the standard required, and so as long as the firm operates under the solicitor’s code of conduct, your interests will be protected.

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