Solicitors in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a very important port in the UK and the navy plays a key role in the city’s economy. The city also has an important tourist industry.

Consequently, there are many local solicitors in Portsmouth offering both private client and commercial legal help.

How we can help

Caven has over 5,000 solicitors across the UK on its network, including solicitors in Portsmouth. We can find the best Portsmouth solicitors for you based on your preferences.

Using local solicitors

Using local solicitors in Portsmouth has the advantage of:

  • Local knowledge
  • Easy face-to-face contact
  • Lower overheads means lower costs for you, the client

Local courts

The courts that serve Portsmouth are the Combined Court Centre and the magistrates’ court. Solicitors in Portsmouth will be familiar with these courts.

The Combined Court Centre hears civil cases including county court and High Court cases as well as admiralty cases, family cases, bankruptcy cases and Crown Court cases. The Combined Court Centre is located at The Courts of Justice, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 2EB.

The magistrates’ court hears lower level criminal cases and is located at The Law Courts, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 2DQ.

Local legal services

In Portsmouth there is a Citizens Advice Bureau which may be able to give you some basic advice. In Portsmouth the CAB can be found at Portsmouth Legal Advice Centre, 1-3a London Road, North End, Portsmouth, PO2 0BQ.

However, for comprehensive legal advice you will need to speak to local solicitors in Portsmouth.

Speciality areas

Many of the city’s working population are employed in the naval dockyard. The city’s importance as a port has led to there being a relatively large quantity of specialist maritime solicitors in Portsmouth.

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Important information

For [selected AoL] law, solicitors will charge a minimum fee of £250 to provide an initial consultation and written opinion on your case. We have a number of recommended law firms in our network who could provide this service to you at the most competitive price. If you would like to proceed, click ‘Paid advice’ below and one of our advisors will call you on a free-of-charge basis to discuss this further with you.