Solicitors in Plymouth

Plymouth is a medium-sized city in Devon. The city’s economy was traditionally linked to the armed forces and shipbuilding, and although this has decreased in recent years Plymouth is still associated with maritime activities. There are therefore some Plymouth solicitor firms who specialise in maritime law. The city’s recent economic developments include the fastest growing science park in the UK. The influx of new science-based businesses creates a demand for relevant legal services. It is therefore no surprise that common services offered by Plymouth solicitor firms include commercial advice and intellectual property services.

With a population of about 250,000, Plymouth solicitor firms are asked to provide all types of legal services, from criminal defence to property law. Some Plymouth solicitor firms are able to offer all or most of these services whilst other smaller firms choose to specialise in one or two specific areas of law.

Solicitors in Plymouth can offer legal advice on:

  • family law
  • employment law
  • wills and probate
  • conveyancing

A recent case regarding the University of Plymouth was recently reported on. In this case the Court of Appeal clarified the requirements for a legally binding acceptance of a contract through conduct. The ruling stated that conduct will only be seen as an acceptance of an offer if the offering party is expected to know about the conduct, and expected to view the conduct as a sign of acceptance.

If you are currently searching for a Plymouth solicitor firm to advise you on an ongoing legal issue, you should ensure you instruct the firm that is right for your case. This would include a firm that has experience in the relevant industry and qualified solicitors who specialise in the area of law which governs your case.

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