Solicitors in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire is a county in the east Midlands part of England. It has a population of just under 630,000 inhabitants, and shares borders with Warwickshire to the west, Leicestershire and Rutland to the north, Cambridgeshire to the east, Bedfordshire to the south east and Buckinghamshire to the south. It also shares boundaries with Oxfordshire and Lincolnshire. The county town is Northampton, which has a population of just over 200,000 inhabitants. Other key towns include Kettering, Wellingborough and Daventry.


Northamptonshire’s main industry historically was boot and shoe manufacture, although much of this has now declined, some significant production still occurs in the area. Manufacturing and food processing remain important in the town. Other crucial employers include Siemens, Barclays and Golden Wonder snacks. Rail freight remains important, with a large depot located near Daventry. The area is more widely known as Motorsport Valley, with Silverstone, Force India and Mercedes GP all located within its borders.

Court services in Northamptonshire

Northampton has Magistrates and County courts, as well as offering a combined court service. Kettering and Wellingborough also offer Magistrates and County Court services.

Profile of solicitors in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire is actually a fairly rural county, and as such solicitors in Northamptonshire are concentrated in the main towns of Northampton, Wellingborough and Daventry. There is good competition amongst the solicitors in Northamptonshire, and as such many offer a broad range of services to attract both individual and business clients. Services offered by solicitors in Northamptonshire include:

  • Criminal law
  • Conveyancing, residential and commercial
  • Commercial litigation
  • Contract law
  • Divorce, family law and separation
  • Trusts, wills and probate
  • Tax and financial planning

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