Do you need a solicitor in Kent?

Kent is a county in south-east England, supporting a diverse range of industries. These include shipbuilding, engineering, aircraft design and construction, chemicals, agriculture and tourism.

It is a relatively prosperous county, which means the need for legal representation is a fairly common occurrence.

Kent is also home to a large number of eco-enterprises participating in the global marketplace for environmental goods and services. As a consequence, local Kent solicitor firms are reputable and experienced in company and commercial matters across a broad range of industries.

So what kind of legal help might you need?

Commercial solicitors in Kent

With property and labour costs approximately 60% of comparable London costs, Kent is a popular county for relocation of businesses and the start up of new small and medium-sized businesses.

If you require assistance for your business, including for business start-up, local Kent law firms are a good option, being knowledgeable and experienced with local regulatory requirements.

They will be able to protect your business and offer sound legal and commercial advice by ensuring you are fully compliant with government regulations which relate to your industry.

Every industry must conform to its own regulatory body. For example shipbuilding, a common industry in Kent, is governed by a specific body, whilst industries that have fewer regulations are often governed by the Government directly, as well as by EU law.

Family solicitors in Kent

Do you want to get a divorce? Should you mediate? Or are you looking to go through the complicated process of adoption to start a family?

Divorce and adoption are two important areas of expertise practised by family lawyers in Kent - but they will also be able to offer advice on other areas of family law.

These include cohabitation, domestic abuse, prenuptial agreements, and residence disputes. If you are currently experiencing family problems and would like to know where you legally stand, a dedicated family lawyer should be consulted.

Employment lawyers

Whether you require initial advice on your current employment situation, or whether matters have escalated into a dispute between employee and employer, the employment solicitors we work with in Kent can advise you on your legal position and the respective merits of each party’s claims.

Redundancy and dismissal in particular are complex areas of law which require specialist knowledge. Our Kent employment lawyers may advise you to lodge a grievance with your employer, or to appeal a decision, or to consider a compromise agreement or tribunal claim. It totally depends on your specific case, which is why it's so important to speak to an expert.

Other areas of law

These are the most common areas of law, but we can also help you find a lawyer to deal with will and probate work, personal injury and litigation of any kind. Conveyancing in Kent is also a required specialism as business and the economy picks up, so speak to us if you're thinking about buying a commercial or private property.

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Important information

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