Solicitors in Barnstaple

Founded on the North Devon Coast at the lowest crossing on the River Taw, Barnstaple lays claim to being one of the oldest boroughs in the United Kingdom. Over the centuries Barnstaple has played a vital role in generating income for the region, most notably with the export of wool and pottery.

Today Barnstaple retains its local importance as the main administrative hub for North Devon.

The town still holds the largest market in the area, something which has not changed in over a thousand years; the name Barnstaple is derived from the Old English, Bar, meaning the mouth of the River, and Staple, which was a Saxon term for a market town.

Barnstaple’s income is now heavily supplemented by tourism as well as local industry, agriculture and farming.

Situated near a host of popular surfing and leisure beaches and on the door step Exmoor, Barnstaple is considered a central point for visitors looking to explore all that North Devon has to offer.

Barnstaple solicitors

There are a good number of solicitors in Barnstaple and the surrounding areas. Given the area’s broad economic profile, many solicitors in Barnstaple offer a wide range of both commercial and family law services for their clients.

As the main residential hub in the predominantly rural North Devon area, many solicitors in Barnstaple offer divorce, probate and family law services.

In addition to these staples, several solicitors in Barnstaple also offer services relating to tourism and commerce, including licence applications for pubs and hotels, accident and personal injury claims, and of course conveyancing of both residential and commercial property.

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