Software development agreement


It is rare these days for a major piece of commercial software to be developed by just one person. Most commercial software needs teams of programmers, designers and artists to bring it to market. Often, the software development team will actually be from a number of different companies. This is where the software development agreement comes into play.

If two or more companies want to work together on a new piece of software, they will usually write a letter of intent. This is an outline of how their agreement might eventually be structured. Generally, letters of intent are not legally binding, but they can contain clauses such as non-disclosure agreements that are legally binding.

A qualified solicitor must draw up your software development agreement. As these documents can be long and complex, you should use the services of a solicitor that has contract experience within the technology and software industry.

Software development agreements should set out in plain language the precise terms of the agreement that all parties are entering into. Your solicitor can advise you on not only the legality of any amendments that are made to your software development agreement, but also if these are in your best interests.

If you, at some point in the future, find yourself in dispute with any party that signed the original software development agreement, you should appoint a solicitor as soon as possible. Never attempt to handle this kind of case yourself, as they are highly complex. Your solicitor can look at your original agreement and support you as your case moves through either arbitration or the courts.

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