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Shari’ah law (Shariah Law)


Shari’ah law is the Islamic law that governs many aspects of a Muslim person’s life. Shari’ah law is derived from the word of God as it is written in the Qu’ran, the teachings of the prophet Muhammad and from decisions of scholars.

The punishments for committing crime are based on three main categories. The first is a ‘Hadd’ punishment and applies to a certain crime that has been committed. Each crime has a specific punishment which may be applied. The second category is that for homicide or bodily harm and allows the family of the victim to be compensated with either money, or by allowing the ‘eye for an eye’ principle to apply. The third category is based on conscience and can be used where there is no specific punishment for the crime committed, or if the evidence is not sufficient to properly apply the correct punishment.

A Muslim is allowed to ask scholars to interpret Shari’ah law to answer daily questions to which Western law would not apply. For example, asking which course of action is the most appropriate and accepted under the Qu’ran, Muhammad and the interpretation of the jurists. Shari’ah law also applies to contracts and as a result of this mortgages and loans that are common here are forbidden to Muslims as Shari’ah Law forbids the charging of interest. Islamic mortgages have been created in the UK which operate in a different way, so that interest is not charged.

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