Separation and Divorce


Thinking about separation and divorce can be a daunting prospect. If it is something that you are considering then speaking to a divorce solicitor will ensure you are in the best position to move forward. A solicitor will be able to provide options as to what type of separation would best suit your situation, let you know the factors that you would need to think about following separation and divorce, and will be able to explain the divorce process fully.

Not all couples want the finality of a divorce, but do want to separate in some sort of formal way. In such cases a separation agreement is a way for providing that comfort.  Separation agreements can be used whether you intend to separate on a trial basis or longer. Essentially, a separation agreement is a formal written agreement that records the financial arrangement that the married couple agreed upon following their decision to separate. This can include things like who should pay the mortgage bill or how much maintenance should be paid by one spouse to the other. It can also set out the terms of where any children of the marriage should live or how much contact one parent should have with the children.

Each party to a separation agreement requires their own independent legal advisors for the agreement to be valid. As a separation agreement is a legally binding document, if either party fails to respect any terms set out in the agreement then the other party could sue for breach of contract. Additionally, if either party wishes to amend the terms in the agreement at a later stage, providing the other party agrees, this can be arranged.

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