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The Office for National Statistics is the body which provides divorces records for England and Wales. For the year of 2006, the released divorce records stated that 45 per cent of all marriages ended in divorce. This is almost equal to one in every two marriages ending in divorce, and this figure does not include the number of couples that choose to separate instead of deciding to divorce.

With divorce records as high as this every couple should at least consider speaking to a specialist divorce solicitor about a pre-nuptial agreement before they get married. A pre-nuptial agreement may be highly unromantic, but pre-nuptials are meant to be a practical instrument which can provide security in the event that a marriage does end in divorce. You may think that you do not need one, but no-one can predict the future and by having one you will always have the sense of security in your marriage. 

The agreement itself is a formal written agreement that states what should happen to the assets each party brings into the marriage and during the marriage should they choose to later break up. The awareness of pre-nuptial agreements has been raised of late due to a succession of high profile break-ups that have lead to large settlements. Yet whatever you monetary status may be, having an agreement can prove extremely beneficial, especially when you have children from a previous marriage that you what to ensure are well taken care for following a divorce.

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