Real Property Laws


In England and Wales the real property laws generally refer to land law in a variety of estates such as freehold and leasehold, registered or unregistered land. The legislation regarding real property is vast and at times obscure. Certain peculiarities have remained from Tudor times and still pose a real issue to land owners today.

Real property laws have a historic background, and were some of the first laws passed in England and Wales. Furthermore, real property laws have evolved hugely in the last 50 years alone, especially in residential lettings. Depending on government housing schemes, the laws on rents have changed from being tenant-friendly to landlord-friendly every time a new act was passed. All this fluctuation has added a complexity to housing disputes as tenants and landlords may be unaware of their rights under real property laws.

Property disputes are handled in a variety of ways, such as appearing before a tribunal or settling face-to-face. Either way, the intricacies of property issues makes legal assistance a necessity. Solicitors specialising in real property laws can aid both land owners and tenants alike, from the smallest of qualms to the largest estates.

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