Real Estate Law


As many Britons are real estate owners, buyers, sellers and property developers, real estate law significantly influences how individuals use their land. There is a plethora of legislation in England and Wales which confers both restrictions and protections on real estate which you may come across several times in life.

Real estate has a rich historic background in Britain and real estate law relating to the acquisition and transfer of land has changed alongside various social reforms. Unfortunately this has resulted in a strange mixture of old laws harking back centuries, still in place today, and new changes which are brought in by current government. This can present many problems, even for buying land, which is why you may need specialist solicitors who can aid you in acquiring or selling real estate.

Real estate law often crops up in family and inheritance disputes too, as real estate is, of course, a significant asset. Such disputes with close relatives or friends can often be distressing and full of unwanted pressure. Not only will acquiring specialist legal assistance on such matters ensure that you protect what is rightfully yours and that you safeguard your assets, but it could ultimately help you settle disputes early and avoid litigation.

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