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You may have already encountered taxation on your property, whether it is a house or a possession. However, there are many instances in which new tax issues can spring up. Property tax law encompasses anything from buying, selling and living in your home to what to do in the instance of inheriting or being gifted a possession.

In relation to your home, property tax law will affect purchase and should be explained to you as you buy your property. Failing to instruct a lawyer in simple conveyancing may leave you in the dark about any changes to property tax law and its ramifications.

Equally, tax becomes of importance when you wish to use property as a form of income. First-time landlords and those entering the buy-to-let market could be unaware of how taxation will change and so specialist advice should ideally be sought.

Inheritance is another branch of property tax law and one which can be baffling or stressful. Often it is an area of law many do not consider until they are left an estate or possession in a will. Inheritance tax laws are quite separate from other tax laws so specialist advice should be sought in the event of dealing with an inheritance.

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