Property laws


Property laws in England and Wales encompass both tangible property, such as a house, and intangible property, for example a piece of information. Nevertheless, the legislation that exists for both these forms has the common aim of aiding and protecting the owners of the property.

Common disputes arising from property laws focus on how the property has been obtained, how it can be passed to another person and how a right over property can be asserted. As a result such disputes may also involve elements of employment, inheritance or family law.

There are a number of different property laws relating to each type of estate, all of which carry certain complexities which may affect how you use your property, both for income and personal use. If you have a dispute that arises out of a freehold or leasehold estate you may have to appear before a tribunal. This can be a daunting process to handle alone, and therefore specialist legal advice in real estate law would be advisable. Similarly, if your dispute is over a copyright or a form of intellectual property then specialist lawyers in this field will be better-placed to deal with protecting your rights using the applicable property laws.

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