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London is the capital city of England and the UK, and home to over seven million people of over 20 different nationalities. As such probate is a common area of law.

Probate is the legal process that takes place after death to establish the ownership of the deceased’s estate. It involves the executor of the will, or the holder of a letter of administration if the deceased died intestate. They will distribute what remains of the estate after the debts of the deceased and inheritance tax have been paid. The estate is distributed according to a valid will, or the intestacy rules are followed if no valid will was left by the deceased.

A probate solicitor is a legal professional specialising in probate. London has many established solicitors specialising in probate. London’s large commercial firms will often have a wills and probate department but there are many smaller, family law firms specialising in wills and probate as well.

A probate solicitor may be required to obtain a Grant of Representation before an executer of a will can administer a deceased’s estate. A Grant of Representation is necessary when an estate is worth over £5,000. It is also necessary if the estate includes any property, land, stocks, shares, or certain insurance policies. One can be applied for at London’s probate registry. The London probate registry is found at:

First Avenue House
41-49 High Holborn
Switchboard:0845 3020 900

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