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Privacy law has littered headlines for many years now as more people in the public eye have felt intruded upon by paparazzi or journalists and have entered into high profile litigation to prevent press leaks. But what is privacy law and how does it affect the average non-celebrity?

In the UK there is no separate privacy law as such. Instead, the European Convention of Human Rights, which has been implemented in the UK, contains an article affording UK citizens a 'right to respect for private and family life', sometimes known as the 'Article 8 right'. However, this conflicts with another right, freedom of expression, which is used as a defence by the press in those high-profile privacy law cases.

For the regular person who is not often hounded by paparazzi or featured in gossip magazines, privacy law can affect personal or business life through the doctrine of breach of confidence. Businesses which pioneer new products or methods of working will probably impress a level of confidentiality onto their employees. So, when an employee then leaks this private information to, say, a rival company, a breach of confidence court case may arise.

Specialist privacy law solicitors are not only necessary if you are faced with litigation but can assist you on how to protect your private or confidential business and personal material.

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